Outside Sales Cruise Agents

Basically, a outside sales cruise agent is someone involved in the marketing and selling of cruise & travel products from a home office.
The term "Outside Sales Cruise Agent" (OSCA) refers to someone who works out of their home office as an outside sales representative for an accredited CLIA cruise agency - the "host" agency.
We want to congratulate you for your entrepreneurial spirit, but we want to make sure you understand "THIS IS A REAL BUSINESS".
This opportunity is a complete business opportunity that allows YOU to operate a full service cruise company. Because you work with the support of A & M Travel and Leisure and use our credentials, we are very selective in the people we invite to join our Team.
All the tools and resources are available for you to achieve success in cruise sales. We know of many who have succeeded, but YOUR success depends on you!
To achieve the success you are seeking, whether you operate your business part-time or full-time, you will have to work at it. Cruise sales is a service industry and providing good service will reward you time and time again. This IS NOT an order taking position. Agents coming from a call center will not fare as well as those coming from a full service agency environment.
Because of our high volume of cruise sales, you will be able to provide your clients the very best in cruise services at exceptional values.
This is one of the many benefits of working with A & M Travel and Leisure, but exceptional values do not mean a thing if you are not providing the level of service your clients deserve and expect.
Finding your clients is easy. Keeping your clients is your key to success!
Many people are attracted to the cruise and travel industry because of the benefits. Travel Industry benefits are indeed wonderful, but it can be much more fulfilling as a part time or full time business, earning you not only an income, but a feeling of self reliance and self worth.
Success in cruise sales takes all the hard work and dedication of any successful business. If you are sincerely ready to make that commitment, you should consider becoming a OSCA for A & M Travel and Leisure
The OSCA finds, qualifies, books and services the customer; the host agency processes the reservations, provides billing support and serves as the conduit between the OSCA and the travel suppliers whose products the OSCA is selling.
The OSCA and the host agency share the commissions paid by travel suppliers according to a percentage split. By definition (and by contract), the OSCA is an independent contractor.
OSCAs can work either full-time or part-time. That's because the very nature of being an independent contractor is that no one can tell you when to work, how to work, or how hard to work.
There are home based cruise agents who earn pocket change, those who earn a nice part time income, some who earn a significant full time income, and even those who earn six figure incomes.
Virtually anyone can be a home based cruise agent, on their own terms and at their own pace, creating the type of home based cruise marketing business that is best for them.



Your Agreement with A & M Travel places your Cruise Business under one of the largest growing groups of Independent Cruise Agents in the country.
With our tremendous buying power, one of the following will usually happen:

  • You will market the same cruise & travel packages as your competitors at a lower price
  • You will market the same cruise & travel packages as your competitors and receive a higher commission.

We will provide the printing and distribution ( either to you or your clients ) of all cruise, tour and other travel documents required for your client to travel. We will provide all necessary Agency/Supplier accounting and commission tracking for all your commission eligible bookings.
Your "agency" will utilize the CLIA number for A & M Travel and Leisure
Remember, travel suppliers can only pay commissions to an authorized agency number.

With A & M Travel Inc, all the documentation necessary will be provided to allow the commissions to be paid on all the travel you book. We will collect commissions paid by suppliers for travel by your clients and distribute your commissions to you.

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